How much notice do you need?

The more notice you can give me (preferably 24 - 48hrs), the best chance I have of working around your schedule and mine. I also understand that your circumstances may be difficult to predict so I will endeavour to come on short notice / same day (weekend appointments are subject to availability and need to be booked in advance). Remember that I want to make the process as calm and peaceful as possible. 

How long will the service take?

I am usually at your home for about an hour. If you prefer a shorter service time, this can be achieved in fifteen minutes. However, if you need more time, I can make arrangements to be there as long as you require.

How much will the euthanasia service cost and do you have a cancellation policy?

My fees are based on my compassionate care, travel distances, time, and aftercare arrangements. I create a calm & respectful environment for your pet and family, provide sedation to relieve pain and anxiety, euthanize with technique, offer a paw-print keepsake, and can provide coordination with transportation to the crematorium. Clients also have unlimited time on the phone with me for consultation & help with the decision-making process.

Weekend bookings will incur a small after-hours fee of $66. Travel fees may apply if you are outside of my normal travel area of the GC and northern NSW. If bookings are cancelled within 3hrs of my scheduled arrival, a ‘50% of your total bill’ cancellation fee will apply. Please see services & fees for further information.

How can I pay?

The Rainbow Vet offers for families to pay prior to appointments for your peace of mind (via direct deposit or credit card). Alternatively, you are welcome to pay on the day. Payment methods include cash, eftpos, debit and credit cards. 

Pet Angel funerals payments are handled separately if you choose private cremation, or any other package in their brochure. Please note that Pet Angels also have a $66 after-hours fee for collections on Saturdays (after 1pm), Sundays, and public holidays. Vetpay/zippay plans are also offered for your pet's cremation if needed.

What animal species does your service provide for?

Currently only dogs and cats, however this will likely expand in the future.

Should my children be there?

This is a very personal decision, but I am more than happy to share this experience with your children if you wish. If possible, I recommend that parents include children in decision-making and let them decide for themselves if they want to be present. For more information on this topic, please contact me or click here

Should my other pets be there?

Absolutely, as some families specifically chose my service to allow other pets to be present.  If you choose for them to be absent, I recommend you give them a chance to see the body afterwards. Some may recognize death has occured while others may not (or at least not show it in ways we sense). Studies show animals have the capacity to mourn the loss of a companion.

What if I have a nervous pet?

By coming to your home, your pet will be much more relaxed. With your help and treats, we can give your pet lots of love and get them to focus on you rather than me. Nervous pets settle down and relax after the sedative injection.

What if you are not available when we need you?

While I hope that you will use my services, I recognize that there may occasionally be times when I am not available as quickly as your pet might need. Other mobile veterinarians in my area include Sunset Vets and Pet Goodbyes. If this is an after-hours emergency (6pm-8am), please contact the Animal Emergency Service located in Carrara, QLD (ph 07 5559 1599).

Euthanasia Service

What is euthanasia?

Euthanasia (Greek meaning 'good death') is the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering. Suffering can mean anything that denies us of our true self. 

Why choose in-home pet euthanasia?

It provides a calm, comfortable, and respectable environment for you and your pet at this difficult time. It also provides your family with increased privacy and familiar settings, greater choice of family members and other pets that you would like present, and the choice to decide the most suitable time. Please see is it time? 

What can I do to prepare for your arrival?

  • Plan to have other family members and pets in the house say goodbye if they will not be present.

  • Pick a quiet, comfortable place. Feel free to play some special music, light candles, burn incense...the possibilities are endless. Provide an old towel, sheet, or blanket beneath your pet (once a pet has passed, they no longer have the ability to control their bladder or bowels and voiding may occur). I will also bring disposable pads to make sure no mess is made.

  • If possible, it may be helpful to take your pet for a bathroom break within 1-2 hours of the appointment.

  • Consider silencing your phone (though please maintain the ability for me to contact you prior to my arrival).

  • You may wish to prepare payment, so that you do not need to worry about that at the time of the appointment.

  • Reassure your pet that they will be all right and let them know that you love them.

Where in my home should the euthanasia take place?

I would choose a quiet place where your pet is most comfortable, such as the place it spends the most time. Remember this will be a place of remembrance. Please contact me to discuss the benefits of inside vs outside services. 

Do I have to be there if I can't watch?

Since we are in your home, you can step away at anytime. I will proceed with things and take care of everything. You are always welcome to come back in after your pet has passed.

What happens when you arrive?

  • After greeting you and your pet, I will answer any questions or concerns you may have and discuss the procedure. We will then complete some brief paperwork and payment needs to be finalized.

  • When you and your pet are ready, I will first give a sedative injection (under your pet’s skin) to help them relax. This injection is no more painful than a typical vaccination, but occasionally your pet may briefly react to it.

  • After this injection, your pet will gradually fall into a very deep sleep within about 5 to 15 minutes. Feel free to continue to comfort and talk to your pet during this time.

  • I will clip the fur over your pet’s forearm and place an intravenous cannula into their vein. This provides the safest and most pain-free method of injection.

  • When you and your pet are ready, I will inject the euthanasia solution through their cannula.

  • Once I have confirmed that your pet has passed away, you may continue to spend as much time as you need with your pet. I will leave the room so that you can have privacy.

  • When you are ready, I will return to make a clay paw-print keepsake (if requested) and help with aftercare arrangements. Typically, if you have chosen to privately cremate your pet, a caring member from the Pet Angel funerals staff will meet us at your home to transport your pet.

Why do you give a sedation to my pet? Does euthanasia hurt?

Every effort is taken to make this process stress-free and painless for your pet. The euthanasia process typically involves two injections. An initial sedative injection makes things more comfortable for your pet, and it allows for your family to gather around them. Once sedated, the second injection can be given with your pet being essentially unaware of its administration. This injection is a rapid, peaceful, painless process that generally lasts only seconds in duration. 


What are my aftercare options?

I offer three primary aftercare options: 

  • The first option is home burial. Local council’s do not have any specific regulations for home burial of pets, but I will discuss some recommendations. I will provide you with an eco-friendly burial pouch, or please see Sweet Goodbye for a unique farewell kit. Please also contact Pet Planting if you need assistance with preparing a burial site.

  • The second option is group cremation. Your pet will be cremated along with other pets from Pet Angel funerals, and their ashes will be peacefully scattered at Eden Ridge Farm in Kyogle. This option is suitable for owners who do not wish for the return of ashes.

  • The third option is private, individual cremation. The Rainbow Vet is proud to partner with Pet Angel funerals to provide your family with the highest quality, compassionate aftercare. This includes your choice of an urn or keepsake box, and the return of ashes. Pet Angel funerals will send you a text message once your pet is safely in their care and advise you that they will be calling you the following day to make arrangements. *Please note that I can also coordinate with other cremation companies if you would prefer (such as Pets Eternal & Pets in Peace).

Please see services & fees or contact me for further information.

How long does it take for the return of ashes and how can you guarantee its only theirs?

If you have requested that your pet be privately cremated with the ashes returned to you, Pet Angel funerals endeavour to have each pet back home to you within 5 business days. You may alternatively pick up the ashes at their facilities at 3/21 Expansion Street, Molendinar QLD 4214. Pet Angels ethical standards of separation are maintained by a unique tagging system. Each pet has their own identification tag from the moment they are brought into their care, it is then matched with each piece of paperwork and checked continuously throughout the cremation process. Their purpose-built separate chamber pet cremators are made especially for individual pet cremations with only one pet in each chamber at a time to ensure you receive all of your pet’s ashes, and only your pet’s ashes.

Should I get a free clay paw-print keepsake?

If you are not sure, I would do it. Keepsakes may not seem necessary initially, but as time moves on... they become a treasure.

Who do I need to tell about my pet's passing?

I will notify your pet's regular veterinarian for you and whomever else you want me to. I encourage you tell everyone involved in your pet's life, such as groomers and pet sitters. You can also tell people in your life like friends, family, employers, and your children’s teachers. Due to animal registration regulations, you (the owner) must notify your local council to inform them that your pet has passed away (via phone, an online form, or email - for example the GCCC can be notified here).

What do I do with my pet's belongings after they pass away?

You may keep and reuse the items (I believe it is nice to keep at least one toy as a keepsake for your other pet), or make generous donations to your local animal shelter. I highly recommend the Animal Welfare League Qld (located in Coombabah), who take donations of bedding, toys, collars, leads, and unopened food. You can also make donations to the RSPCA, Chihuahua Rescue QLD, or Friends of the Pound.